Community & Partnership

Historic photo of Harvey's wooden shellfish store pot in Newlyn Harbour, with family around holding up crayfish (from Billy Stevenson Collection)

Vital to our ambition to establish Newlyn FISH Centre is the involvement of local people in its design and creation, and the forming of strong partnerships with key groups and organisations with a shared interest in seeing it happen.

Involving local people

Through word of mouth, public meetings and our Facebook page, we have a growing list of people who have confirmed they wish to be kept updated with how the project is progressing and how they can get involved.

By taking part in our online survey, members of the public and partner organisations have helped us choose the Former Ice Works as the best potential venue for Newlyn FISH Centre.

Old men sitting outside former Fishermen's Rest, Fore Street, Newlyn Town (Photo from Billy Stevenson Collection)

Some Key Partners

Heritage & Culture

Fishing & Marine


Historic photo of group of Newlyn boys (from Billy Stevenson Collection)